Ice Maker Won’t Make Ice

It can be an extremely inconvenient situation to have an ice maker that won’t make any ice. Let’s face it, an ice maker is only great if it will make ice cubes for your drinks. When an ice maker no longer makes ice, there are some things that you can check yourself in order to troubleshoot the problem. If the issue cannot be identified in the list below, we recommend calling for our refrigerator repair service.



There are water lines that supply the ice maker with the water it needs to make fresh ice. If these lines are broken, pinched, or kinked in some way, the ice maker will not be able to make ice.


If you are not getting water from the freezer into the ice maker, it will not be able to make any ice cubes and may indicate a water supply issue. You may hear a buzzing noise emanating from the freezer because the freezer is trying to pump water into the ice maker and there is no water reaching the freezer. This can be an indication of a supply problem as well.

You will also want to check the water supply tap that feeds the ice maker. If the water tap is not connected or is off, there is going to be no water available for the production of ice cubes.


There are a couple of things you will want to check to make sure that the lines are not clogged and that the ice maker is getting the water it needs to function. You will want to check and see if the ice tray is filling up with water or not. If it isn’t, you should check the water supply lines that start in the back of the refrigerator.

You will want to pull the refrigerator out away from the wall and check the entire length of the water supply line. Ice can build up in this line obstructing water from getting to the ice maker. You may also find that the fill tube is frozen. This is easily remedied with some warm water.


There is a valve that feeds the water tap. If this valve is broken or will not open and close properly, the ice maker is not going to be able to get water either. This will need to be fixed or replaced.


There is a bail wire in the freezer that acts as a relay to the ice maker. This wire is lifted as the ice tray fills and if it is stuck in the up position, the ice maker is going to think the tray is full. The wire drops as the ice is emptied and if it stuck in the down position, it will not release the ice.


A freezer that is not maintaining the proper temperature (is too warm), is not going to be able to make ice. This can be caused by a broken thermostat and these warm temperatures can also cause the food to unthaw and spoil.


Before checking the solenoid, make sure to unplug the refrigerator and pull it away from the wall. If the solenoid is damaged or not getting power, the freezer won’t be able to make ice. The water goes through a solenoid in the back of the freezer before reaching the ice maker.

You can contact our appliance repair company during business hours with questions. We are happy to guide you through troubleshooting over the phone. Otherwise, please schedule an appointment and one of our certified technicians will be over to fix the problem ASAP!